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About me

Hi, I am Dr. Kortni Alston.  I can’t wait to help you with creating happiness and workplace well-being. 

Dr. Kortni Alston is a Happiness Scholar, TEDx Speaker, and Trainer.  

Her area of research is interdisciplinary combining the areas of positive psychology, business administration and media management.  Her research concentrations value happier workplaces, well-being, and meaningful work. 

She is a Host for Kourting Happiness podcast, which help listeners learn how to commit to well-being one episode at a time.  Dr. Kortni is the founder of Kourting Happiness Movement, which is an online community helping members live a positive life with positive psychology.

Currently, she is working on two books focused on positive psychology and workplace well-being.  

Dr. Kortni is an in-demand and sought-after trainer. She has created customized training sessions focused on Workplace Well-Being, Resilience, and Happiness. 

Dr. Kortni Alston's Methods

Find out how to flourish with positive psychology. 

My method for living intentionally concerning your well-being and committing to happiness, combines positive psychology, evidenced-based strategies, and transformational speakers, stories, and solutions. 

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