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"Every time I listen to Kourting Happiness, I just get this boost of energy.  One of the incredible things in Kourting Happiness is that it's not about brushing over the hard stuff and simply carrying on. It's really about letting that difficulty and the challenges that we all face in life coexist with the enjoyable parts and with our happiness. The podcast really gives me the tools and the strategies and you know, the mindset transformation that I need to respond in the best way that I can to live a meaningful life. And that is what I love about Kourting Happiness."


Podcast Host & Founder of the Unlocked Creative

"I'm more than thrilled that I was able to bring on Dr. Kortni Alston, host of the Kourting Happiness podcast to my community. Not only was she thorough, her approach is so genuine, her words of affirmation and teaching my community how to build their self-care squad, but how to lead meaningful lives with the work.  She's so gifted and I will be more than thrilled to bring Dr. Kortni Alston back on to speak to my community.....Not only is she highly sought-out, buts she is phenomenal. This is the transformation of a lifetime."


Founder of the Female Academic


I'm so grateful that I did find Dr. [Kortni] Alston. She is a powerhouse of knowledge on the research on positive psychology and bringing more joy to our life and our work. And that's not all. She also just embodies the research on positive psychology in her own life and in so many of the leadership roles that she plays. And even beyond that, she's just this delightful human she cares so deeply about making others' lives better."


Psychologist & Founder of Constant Love & Learning 

"When I thought of hosting a workshop for my audience on happiness at work, the first and only person that came to mind was Dr. Kortni Alston. And she did not disappoint! She had the audience on the edge of their virtual seats. Dr. Alston has a true knack for delivering the science behind why positive psychology works, while also providing practical tips on how to incorporate it into your daily practices."


Executive Coach of Zenica Chatman Coaching

80 percent of employees want their employer to play a greater part concerning resilience and empowerment at work.

Source: Thrive Global 

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